Fuli Demoiselle, in the image of her name, proposes feminine and light creations.

The woman Fuli Demoiselle is sparkling and joyful, sober and elegant dresses highlight her eternal smile.

The woman Fuli Demoiselle is fulfilled and her sensuality is assumed in the work of transparency and lace dresses.


Our creator, Li Fu, imagines all the dresses. Li has always been creative: after studying painting, she embarked on design studies in Shenzhen, then worked in fashion houses in Hong Kong, Shanghai and Beijing.

During this thrilling career, Li is led to draw many wedding dresses and evening dresses. These pieces become his favorite clothes, the idea of Fuli Demoiselle germinates in her head …

Two and a half years ago, she made her decision and took off for … Paris! It is the capital of fashion that Li has chosen to make his mark. And since then, she regale Parisian women with her glamorous and elegant designs!

The creative imagination Li Fu takes shape in his Parisian studio in which all dresses are designed.

In addition to her collection, she offers you to accompany you in the creation of a unique dress, yours, a tailor-made.

A cocktail, a wedding? The dress will be made by hand in our workshop.

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.